(Still Untitled): Book 3 of the Cael Stone

Book 3 is definitely taking MUCH longer than I had originally anticipated (especially since I started working on it BEFORE I started working on Book 1), but I AM working on it, and it definitely IS coming at some point in the future. The photo on the right shows a stack of all of my work on the book as of June 30, 2016 (I like to keep my old drafts!). The total word count as of the day that photo was taken was ~150,000 words. Dragon Fire was just under 95,000!

Despite the extra length of time it is taking to finish Book 3, I can report that I am VERY happy with the way it is coming together. It is definitely my favorite leg of Erynn’s story so far… :)

Word Count as of October 9, 2016:  159,026

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