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The Last Falcon is Finally Published on Amazon!

I've been working like crazy this past week, trying to get my novel finished. I had hoped to have it ready to go by the end-of-day Friday, but realized at the last minute that I had neglected to add a few important details to the story and it wasn't until Sunday evening that I finally felt finished (at last!) and started the upload process.

The upload itself was pretty straight-forward, although I have been having *issues* with my map. The KDP instructions said images had to be 127kb or less and it took me a little fiddling to produce a JPG that size (the whole Photoshop file is 30MB), and then when I used two different Kindle Previewers to double-check my novel before upload, one showed the map just fine and the other didn't show it at all. I reloaded several times, but couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong, and in the end just "assumed" one of the Previewers wasn't working right. And of course, when I woke up and checked it on Amazon this morning, the map wasn't there! 

I fiddled and uploaded the novel again, and this time the map showed up OK, but was running into the text on the "Look Inside" screen (which did NOT look very professional). I've played around with it some more and just uploaded it AGAIN and I'm really hoping I've got it figured out this time (fingers crossed).

I have to admit it was nerve-wracking to finally hit that Publish button … I've been working on this story for a LONG time (about 10 years) and it's a little scary to finally be putting it out there for the world to see (or at least the english-reading world). But I love the story and I'm hoping the world will too, and I'm just glad to now have it out there (I've always suspected the first book would be the hardest). I'm looking forward to reading people's comments and moving on with the second instalment of the story!

Click HERE to read the first 3 chapters of The Last Falcon (or to check out the Map of Valentia).

Official Website Launch!

OK, so it's not *really* the official launch ... this website has been around for a while, but I've been so busy trying to finish my novel that I haven't spent any time properly setting it up. Today I sat down and played around with banner designs, and finally decided to get this little blog a'rolling.

This past week I hired CreateSpace to put together my novel -- handling both the interior and exterior design. That actually made it quite an exciting week because hiring them meant this little project I've been working on for what seems like forever is now one step closer to being finished. A dream fulfilled! I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with, and in the meantime am racing to finish edits on the last 8 chapters. The first 3 chapters will be available on this website by the end of the month, and I'm hoping the paperback and e-book versions of The Last Falcon will be ready soon after that.

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