The Last Falcon Paperback is Finally Here!!

The paperback proof of The Last Falcon arrived via UPS yesterday!! It was definitely a surreal moment…opening up that box and finally seeing my novel in the format I had always imagined it to be. No longer just a file on my Kindle, but something I can actually hold in my hands and read the same way I used to read books when I was younger. And something I can also proudly display on my shelf! :)

I chose Createspace to publish the paperback and the process was fairly easy and didn't take nearly as long as I thought it might. I had been putting off getting started until I had reviews back from Kirkus and Clarion (hoping they might be favorable enough that I could snip a quote or two for the cover) and I finally received the response from Clarion on Thursday (4 out of 5 stars!!). I then spent most of the next two days formatting the manuscript and entire cover for the book's 5 x 8 trim before finally uploading everything to Createspace on Saturday. 

I had a minor issue with the ISBN number. I had gone through all the hoops up here in Canada to obtain one myself (and noted it on the copyright page), only to discover during the upload to Createspace that I still had one active there. They had assigned one to The Last Falcon when I originally hired them to do the cover and interior formatting, but when I decided to cancel and do everything myself, the ISBN still remained active. I went ahead and used it, but forgot to make the change on the copyright page and thankfully Createspace caught the error and pointed it out. After making the change and reloading the manuscript, the book was finally approved Sunday night and I immediately ordered the proof. I chose expedited delivery and it was here in less than two days. Good thing I spotted the UPS truck from my office window though…the driver didn't ring the doorbell and who knows how long that precious little box might have sat out on the front step before I noticed it!!

I approved the proof this morning, and according to Createspace it should be available on Amazon in the next 5-7 business days. I had originally listed the release date as October 1st on Goodreads (and elsewhere) and will be changing those dates as soon as I can (although the giveaway on Goodreads will still remain open until October 1st). I have also set up my own Createspace estore and the paperback version of The Last Falcon is available for purchase via that channel as of now.

© Colleen Ruttan 2020