The Last Falcon Receives a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly!

After spending the morning signing and mailing out 25 copies of The Last Falcon, I was DELIGHTED to discover that The Last Falcon was chosen by Publisher's Weekly for a review in their October PW Select magazine…AND that it was awarded a STARRED REVIEW!!!

Unfortunately, the second sentence isn't quite accurate--or is perhaps missing a word or two. It reads "The book starts in media res, with Erynn hiding in a cave after the dragon Krystalix attacked a group of men from her kingdom returning from a horse-buying expedition, and the raid on the recently purchased animals leaves her father dead." In the book, Erynn and her father are the ones returning from the horse-buying expedition (buying them for the King of Alyria), and it's a group of soldiers from the neighboring Kingdom of Galia (where they bought the horses) that decide to steal the horses and kill her father and are subsequently attacked by Krystalix.

But who's complaining??? :) Thank you PW Select for making my day!

Click HERE to read the review online, or HERE for a PDF copy.

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