Where to Find Me Online

The following is a list of all of the different online places you can find me, along with a short description of what I am specifically planning to use each platform for. I have only just registered on six of these platforms as of early October 2016, so you might not see much yet...


My favorite social media platform. Mostly used for random thoughts on life and writing, etc. 


Where I will attempt to throw some random photos from my life.


I have a FAN PAGE for author stuff (Colleen Ruttan, Author), although I’m still trying to figure out what to use this page for exactly (other than the occasional bit of news about my books).

I also have a PROFILE (which I must have in order to have a FAN PAGE and participate in private groups), but I don’t use it much.


Where you will find my most recent work experience, skills, training, etc.


Where I am now keeping my lists of the movies I’ve watched! I’m also using this platform to collect interesting book covers, book ads, as well as any other photos to assist with my writing. 


I have a collection here for Book News (basically just posts from my news blog), as well as a collection for (selected) reviews of my books. I’m also using this platform to store articles I come across that are related to the fantasy and action genres, writing fiction, storytelling in general, reading, learning and creativity.


Where I maintain a list of the books I’ve read, those I'm currently reading, and those I want to read, as well as where I’ll be adding the occasional review of books I’ve read. There is also a place to ask me questions on this site and I’ve frequently used it to run paperback giveaways.


A similar platform to GoodReads, on which I will try to maintain a books-read list and copies of any reviews. I haven’t spent much time there yet, so am not sure if there are other ways I’ll use it.


THE LAST FALCON is currently available for free reading here, along with the first 7 chapters of DRAGON FIRE.

© Colleen Ruttan 2016